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Banner Ads, Banner Ads Animated

Banner Ads, Banner Ads Animated + gifts

Gifts - Free
1. HTML for each banner, which ordered at us.
2. Free advertising for 10 days for your site. All your banners, ordered to us will be published on our pages of Banner Ads Animated, Ads and in the sidebar of all pages.

The transfer of money using our exchange. We accept all currencies and payment systems described in Exchange. Filing of Request for exchange, then follow the instructions that will get of your e-mail. If transfer is from the same payment system, only pay the fee payment system without our commission. For PayPal and Payza can transfer funds directly from your debit or credit card.

To order a banner with us, read it carefully - If you want to order a banner for your website. Below the banners models. 

Each model can be combined with several pictures or several animations. And each model can be made ordinary with a one picture and without animation.

Model № 1 Model № 2 Model № 3

Model № 4 Model № 5


Model № 6 Model № 7


Model № 8 Model № 9


Model № 10

Model № 11

Model № 12

Model № 13

Model № 14

Model № 15

Model № 16

Model № 17

Model № 18

Model № 19

Model № 20

Model № 21

Model № 22

Model № 23

Model № 24

Model № 25

Model № 26

Model № 27

Model № 28

If you want to order a banner for your website.

Log in the Contact and fill out the form or send information of vapeel.com@gmail.com. In the message write:
I. URL on your site. http://
II. Select and write size for your banner. Standard sizes:
1. 125х125

2. 120х60
3. 468х60

4. 702х90

5. 728х90

6. 250х250

7. 300х250

8. 160х600 vertical.

Or write custom size other than the standard sizes.
III. Model - choose and write the model number by page with Banners. Or describe how you want yes seems your banner, for example, write:

1. Photos.
2. Text.

3. Photos.
These are just examples, write your preference for row and place text and images.
IV. Select and write the background color of your Banner, on your choice. If you want the Banner yes be with several colors - write the model number from page with Banners. Or example write:
1. White.
2. Light blue.
3. Dark blue or white.
These are just examples, write your preferences for background color.
V. Select and write the text color of your banner, on your choice.
VI. Select and write font for the text of your banner of your choice. Or write the model number from page with Banners, with a font that you have chosen.
VII. Text to your banner.
VIII. Photos for your banner.
IX. If you want your banner to be animated and move. Select the model from page with Banners, and write it.

All ordered banners will be displayed on the page with Banners completely free. This is additional traffic to your site and is a gift from us.

Order your banner with us

Buy banner for your site. In order to have more visits to your sites and advertisements.

We will make your banner after we receive the necessary information about your requirements for the construction on the banner. Banners in different sizes, color and shapes: Square, rectangular - horizontal or vertical, in the shape of a rhombus or your own idea.
You can order:
1. Banner with a picture.
2. Text banner.
3. Banner with a photo and text.

For orders and more information contact us by using the contact form.


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