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This operation is performed manually by the operator from 12 hours to 72 hours after receipt of money at us. Usually always in advance. It can be delayed during weekends. Carefully read steps of exchange, which are described below.

Fees of payment systems and our freight rates for Exchange can see them in Tariffs.

If there are no prices on the selected from you Exchange, may submit a request for information, without yes transfer money. We will send you a response to your email.

Exchange must follow several steps:

1. Fill in all mandatory fields marked with * in the form above.

Recheck all data if there are mistakes fix them if everything is exactly, click Submit.

2. After receiving your request, you will be notified by e-mail. With information - what are your fee, what amount they will receive and in which our account to transfer the amount.

3. Once you receive an email from us and pay the amount into our account. Money should send them up to 24 hours after you have received an email from us, because after 24 hours if they do not receive the money in our account, your request is canceled. Send confirmation of your request using and fill in the contact form. In the message, write: Amount transferred, confirm the request.

4. Read carefully all conditions for exchange. Because with sending money, you automatically agree with all the terms of described in site.

5. Payment of the application. To do this, make the transfer of the necessary amount. Log in vapeel.com and from banners below, log in the payment system and manually send money.

6. After receiving the money into our account, you will be notified in your email, for the transfer of the amount to your account.


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